Arenas & Stadiums

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Project Description

Arenas & Stadiums

We use over 500 million straws a day over 100 billion plastic shopping bags, and over 3 million tons of plastic foam is produced in the U.S. A lot of that waste is created at sporting events. Implementing a recycling program can save your organization money. Our partner Recycle Across America has great success by implementing a standardized recycling system. Companies can reduce the amount of money paid to get trash hauled away – saving them money in landfill tipping fees.

We help you reduce waste and implement positive change:

  • Implementing a commercial based recycling program.

  • Making the switch to post-consumer recycled paper or plant-based disposable products.

  • Implement a supply chain plan that demonstrates responsible social and conservation-focused choices.

  • Provide guidance on other simple implementation strategies in terms of energy reduction and water consumption.

  • Introduce the concept of local and farm to table food choices.