Special Events

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Project Description

Special Events

Special events generate more trash than our daily lives because of the vending services offered to the guest. While you are hard work bringing an event to the community we can help with implementing changes that reduce waste, integrate recycling, and create a green team of volunteers to make your event successful.

Our team can green your event by providing the following services:

  • Vendor Coordination – With special care and delicate conversations, we can work with the vendors and coordinators to ensure that the waste stream is decreased by offering guidance on plant-based disposables and other recommended products that are cost effective.

  • Water Bar – We can install a water station to eliminate the sale of single-use plastic water bottles. This encourages guest to fill up their own water bottle and could produce a profit for the event by selling custom water bottles.

  • Waste Stations – We can coordinate and set up a user-friendly waste bin system that stays clean and organized. We work with the special events coordinators to set up a team of volunteers that act as recycling ambassadors to make the recycling successful that also eliminates contamination.

  • Site Design – We have done our fair share of special events and can offer site design recommendations to charm and inspire your guests that not only incorporate sustainability features but draw in more guests.