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The Capt asked him, where is the RHIB that is supposed to pick him up. Serge asked him if he could see the RHIB in the inner harbour. Serge told him, Sir, that’s YOUR RHIB. The Capt hung up and immediately walked off towards MARPACHQ to have a chat with the Admiral. When the other ships weighed anchor, that’s when we realized we had a problem. Taper Pins – When They Computerized the Stores System Somewhere back in the 80’s, it was decided that the Human Factor would be removed and said Computer would make all the right Decisions. We were storing ship after refit and I was stocking up the Rigging Shop. Prior to taking my CD2 Course, in Sept/63, I had been on the HMCS Quinte, for approx. In the late spring of 1963, we went to Liverpool N.S., for a complete refit. I and several others, moved into a Boarding House, on the Main Street. Will not go into the exact details but I acquired the Ships Ceremonial Kisby Ring. When you went through the front door of the Boarding House, you went up a set of stairs to our rooms. There was a landing there were I mounted the ring, which would be seen, as you entered the front door. I was drafted to the Granby for my course and never gave the ring another thought and lost touch with the guys. If you’re going to make a movie about seedy undergrounds, small-time criminals, and scary mob bosses, you need to pick the right tone. Make it funny like Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. But don’t you dare try to make your movie all of those things, because odds are you’ll end up with a mess like Blue Iguana. The story is a bit of a tangle, especially since it’s told to us by blackmailer extraordinaire, Fletcher , who’s written a screenplay based on the dirty deeds he’s witnessed. He recounts it to Ray with a certain amount of glee, Ray being Mickey’s right hand man, and Mickey being the undisputed weed king of London. His drug empire is vast and highly profitable but he’s looking to sell and take early retirement, which means several of London’s rival gangs have been sniffing around his business. This includes Matthew , a multi-millionaire looking to diversify, and Dry Eye ,a young mobster trying to make a name for himself. Hardy’s giving it his all but the movie’s just too aimless and disjointed to give anything back. The truth is, writer-director Josh Trank might also giving it his all, and his all just isn’t any good.

It was also my station for leaving and entering harbour, much better than being lined up on the flight deck. The crane was used during ‘refuelling at sea’ operations to keep the hose from flopping around. It got a bit stressful when the ship was heaving up and down in rough weather. On one occasion I lowered a seaman with appendicitis into a barge for a trip to a hospital in Gibraltar. I hoisted/lowered a lot of aircraft that were unable to fly on or off the ship. The ship’s jeep, staff car and heavy stores were loaded/offloaded using the ship’s crane. I often had my camera with me during aircraft recovery and when entering foreign ports. On one occasion I had to duck down inside the crane housing when it became obvious that a Firefly aircraft was heading into the crane. When the crashing and banging stopped, I popped my head up and snapped a photo as the crash crew was climbing on the aircraft to release the pilot from the cockpit. Later the same day, the wing tip of another Firefly hit the crane housing just below my feet. It was a bad weather day but the aircrews were searching for survivors of a USAF B29 that had crashed a week previously. The survivors were picked up by HMCS Haida that day. The next day an order was issued stating that the crane operator would no longer be positioned in the crane during recovery operations. From that day on, the crane operator had to stay in the island and be available as required. To my knowledge, I was the last crane operator on Maggie to be positioned in the crane during aircraft recovery operations. I sailed on Bonnie several times but am not aware what the policy was on that carrier. HMCS Magnificent – Mediterranean, July/August 1952 Magnificent was attached to RN Fleet under the command of Admiral Lord Louis Mountbatten. There were a number of ships in his fleet cruisers, destroyers, submarines, frigates and the frigate HMS Surprise. Surprise was fitted out as a yacht, his wife, some family and his staff aboard. When in harbour Mountbatten transferred his flag to the yacht. One weekend while at anchor in Argostoli Bay, off the Greek island of Kefalonia Mountbatten called for a Fleet Regatta, all ships taking part. Events were sailing, rowing competition, sea boat water jousting that was very interesting, Hands can be seen on forward end of flight deck watching the events. Not too bad for Hands new to these regattas That night some RN hands swiped one of our sea boats, big joke around the fleet on us. The next night two or three of our strongest swimmers made their way over to Surprise and swiped Mountbatten’s Admiral`s barge, and pulled it back to Magnificent. We had the starboard crane turned out and in the process of hoisting the barge up onto the flight deck as a prize, when the penny dropped. The dirty deed had be discovered, Mountbatten wanted “ordered” his barge back, mentioned the incident of boat stealing in his biography. Life has, once in awhile, a way of reminding people of hard reality. HMCS Bonaventure was somewhere off Bermuda when one of our petty officers drank his tot of rum, ate lunch and then keeled over dead. We weren’t that far from the Virginia shore and it could have been flown off for burial at home. However, it seems that the rules about bringing a dead body into a country are as stringent as those governing the importation of any type of meat – not impossible, but rife with knots of red tape. Of course, the other option was burial at sea Regardless, until those who had to make the decision on what to do with the body did so, something had to be done about preserving it out on the warm Gulf Stream. Several days later word came out from “Slackers” that the body would be committed to the sea. If I should live to be a thousand, I shall not forget the “plop” as the body entered the water and slid down several thousand fathoms where, I suppose, it reposes still and will until the Second Coming of Our Lord.


I also served as VS880 Aircraft Maintenance Officer, Staff Officer Avionics Instrument/Electrical at MARCOM/MAG, finishing my career in uniform as a Computer Programmer at MARCOM. I missed the ‘hands on’ maintenance but I did enjoy the rest of my naval career. I still maintain to this day that ‘there was no life like it. The MK44 torpedo project was carried out by VX10 for the USN as we had an aircraft configured to carry torpedoes under the mainplanes. On 19 Jun 1962 we deployed to Patuxent River, Maryland where about two weeks were spent installing instrumentation to measure for stress, etc during catapult launches and arrested landings. I did six trips and this was, indeed, an eye-opener for this young maintainer. On my first launch, there was some confusion in the cockpit as only one pilot had attended the pre-flight briefing. The original plan was to be catapulted, make a circuit and land but at the briefing it was decided to catapult and land immediately. As one pilot tried to reduce revs and land, the other was trying to increase revs and go around. The aircraft fitter watching and listening on the ground was convinced that both engines cut out for a second as the dance for the controls was carried out in the cockpit. Once again, this young maintainer’s heart was pit-a-patting. The motto “Heart of the fleet” for HMCS Preserver didn’t come about until 1985 (86?). I was Capt Basil Moore’s steward and I recall one afternoon he was looking through a book that had a brief history of our Canadian Ship’s. The last 2 pages were of Preserver/Protecteur and he realized that both did not have ship’s motto’s. After a bit of investigation it was confirmed that there wasn’t and he decided to have a contest throughout the Officers and crew to see who could come up with the best Motto. It was Clyde Sheppard who was a well liked Leading Seaman Bosn at the time who came up with the motto. From 13 Dec 1950 to 22 Feb 1951 I was stationed At Newport Corners Radio Station near Windsor NS. I was a maintenance electrician whose main job was to replace burned out light bulbs on the towers. At that time there were three 600 foot towers and two 300 foot towers. A large steel cable in each tower supported the transmitter which was in the middle of the triangle supported by the cables. Climbing the 600 foot towers hand over hand was exhilarating! There was a platform every 100 feet which provided an opportunity to rest. The first time up, I was accompanied by Leading Seaman Bill Bruce.

What replaced the Riviera Casino?

On Tuesday, just down the road from the Riviera, construction for Resorts World Las Vegas will break ground. Apart from a casino, proposals for the " Asian-themed" leisure-plex include a green rooftop promenade, an indoor water park, and a panda exhibit.

(I kid you not, that is gospel truth.) We trained and exercised day and night, fired all the ships armament, launched torpedoes, streamed paravanes, put armed landing parties ashore on the Queen Charlotte Islands. Rumour has it that some large bears became victims of the landing parties, that’s another yarn. T was about the year 1962 in a land called Esquimalt, British Columbia, Canada. There was no particular reason for this story to unfold but may have a lot to do with the fact that one of the crew of HMCS Antigonish smuggled a case of rot gut wine on board the ship and a group of the crew proceeded to partake of the swill. One of the boys, bouncing off the bulkheads, had a great suggestion – why don’t we take the helm off the Sussexvale (we were tied up next to her.) My buddy, Robert Moses came to the call and took the challenge. He went the hull technicians shop and got a wrench and proceeded to board the Sussexvale. We did not encounter any of the crew of enemy ship; we proceeded to the wheel house and soon had the helm under my arm. Over the side of the Sussexvale we went and fell into the drink. Trying to swim with the helm was very hard but we got it under the jetty and down a cat walk and hid it. It was a twist of fate that Antigonish sailed the next day and we did not have a chance to put it back, which was our plan. The big investigation turned up nothing until one of our crew members thought this might give him a promotion and squealed. We went up in front of our Captain and were given the punishment 30 days in the wheel house watch on the Sussexvale. This did not sit well with the higher ups and we were given 30 days in Griesbach barracks in Edmonton … The boys stay at Caesars Palace during their stay, which wouldn’t be most people’s first choice of accommodation on the strip. It’s an older place, not as glam, and nowadays its claim to fame is hosting Celine Dion’s ongoing concert series, which you wouldn’t think attracts a lot of bacherlor parties, but what do I know? When Sean and I hit up Vegas in 2011, it was already cashing in on The Hangover success with a movie-themed slot machine that was a lot of fun to play . Monaco is not formally a part of the European Union , but it participates in certain EU policies, including customs and border controls. Through its relationship with France, Monaco uses the euro as its sole currency; before, it used the Monegasque franc, which was pegged, and exchangeable with, the French franc until the 1st of January 2002. Monaco joined the Council of Europe in 2004 and is a member of the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie . It is also the host of the annual street circuit motor race, the Monaco Grand Prix, one of the original Grands Prix of Formula One. The local motorsports association gives name to the Monte Carlo Rally, hosted in January in the French Alps. The principality has a club football team, AS Monaco, which competes in the French Ligue 1 and have become French champions on multiple occasions. The Nevele property was purchased in May 2012 by Nevele Investors LLC, who announced a $500 million redevelopment plan that included a casino. At the time, the original lobby, the circular tower, skating rink and golf course were to be incorporated into the new resort. While Fantasma doesn’t have such a vast range of games in its catalogue, its portfolio is frequently expanding. With around 25 slots available for players to enjoy, it has become easy to see which ones are highly popular with gamers over the others. If you are new to Fantasma Games and its software, then it may be ideal to begin your gaming journey by spinning the reels of some of its more popular titles. Take a look at the top 5 online slots from Fantasma Games below. In the back room of a smoky casino, two players are involved in an intense poker hand. One of them pours sweat, deciding if he should risk everything he owns. The table limit had originally been $1000; until the two remaining players began throwing car keys, jewellery, additional money, and house deeds into the middle. After what seems like an eternity, he finally breaks, throwing his hand into the muck with a look of disgust. Smirking, his opponent tables 7-high and rakes the biggest pot of his life. Zynga Poker is one of the more polarizing poker apps on the list. There are a variety of game types and events that you can play. However, there are tons of people who swear that this game doesn’t use a true RNG method. It’s a solid, fun game to play, although if winning all the time is what you enjoy, you might want to steer clear of this one. World Series of Poker is probably the best of the freemium poker apps and games out there. It supports Texas Hold’em and Omaha styles of poker. Additionally, you can play online with tons of people in a variety of scenarios and events.

Riviera makes way for new Las Vegas convention centre

Have checked out Freemont street – the ‘old vegas’ part. Was ok to visit for an evening, but preferred to stay on the strip. Looking for people’s advice on what hotels you would recommend staying at and which you would definitely not stay at. The most common way is by word input but you can also use your browser’s search box and bookmarklets . Against better players you need to think about what range of hands you are representing. In other words, imagine you are your opponent putting you on a range. You need to bluff in spots where it’s likely you can have a strong hand. In some situations your opponent may know you have a weak range, so when you start betting big it looks suspicious. Even if you don’t need to bluff in certain games, a selection of well-timed bluffs can have a nice impact on your win-rate. To benefit the most from this article it will help to have read the articles“What are Ranges? Learn how to Bluff at Texas Holdem Poker with Its “Crazy Girls.” Its future kiddie porn-downloading Jan Rouven. Its “An Evening at Le Cage,” wherein Frank Marino made an eye-popping $20,000 a week for impersonating a woman.