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The rest of the village residents escaped to safety in a neighboring region. Francis Alfred Nasr was burned alive in front of his father’s eyes. The number of soldiers was 3,000 and even reached up to 5,000 at the peak of their history. The Lebanese Army units, known as the SLA , were officially dispatched by the Lebanese government to the South in 1976 and consisted of a nucleus of 600 regular Lebanese Army soldiers. They were cut off from the central government of Beirut by the PLO and by Syrian-sponsored renegade units of the Lebanese Army called “The Arab Army of Lebanon” under the command of the deserter Lieutenant Ahmed Al Khatib. Because of this, the South Lebanese Army remained on the payroll of the Lebanese Army at Yarzé and of the government until May 2000. Prior to the founding of the PLO, Syria ‘s rejection of Lebanon ‘s right to exist caused it to interfere in Lebanese affairs whenever it could. Breton, Yannick-André and Mullett, Ada and Conover, Kent and Shizgal, PeterValidation and extension of the reward-mountain model.Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience, 7 . We may at any time amend these Terms of Use by updating this posting. All users of this site are bound by these amendments should they wish to continue accessing the website, and should therefore periodically visit this page to review any and all such amendments. You ought to be conscious that any info you provide in these areas might be checked out, collected, and used by others who access them. This Personal privacy Policy is intended to cover collection of info on our sites from homeowners of the . If you are visiting our sites from outside the , please understand that your information may be moved to, stored and processed in the where our servers lie and our central database is operated. There is no cost charged by us or its marketers to get text messages, nevertheless, your mobile service supplier might charge you for sending and/or getting text and air-time, in addition to any other basic appropriate rates charged by your mobile provider. We will share your personal info with third parties, consisting of with one of the taking part lending institutions connected with this site, only in the manner ins which are described in this Personal privacy Declaration. To discover, whether the Owner is processing Personal Data for direct marketing purposes, Users may describe the pertinent areas of this file. Any requests to work out User rights can be directed to the Owner through the contact details offered in this file.

  • Around 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate stored in Beirut’s port caused a blast that devastated the city on August 4, 2020.
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  • Beita deputy mayor Mussa Hamayel told AFP that Israeli soldiers killed the man as entered the village on his return from work.
  • Mikati, a billionaire who has been accused of making his $2.6 billion fortune in a number of illicit ways, is no different from Saad Hariri or the other rich Sunni politicians who aspire to enter the not-so-prestigious club of premier.
  • Algerian authorities said they have lifted a five-day mandatory quarantine imposed on arriving travelers despite a spike in daily COVID-19 infections, AFP reported.

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The North African country had closed its borders in March 2020, as the coronavirus pandemic spread. Algeria, the most populous country in the Maghreb with its 44 million inhabitants, has officially recorded more than 163,000 cases, including more than 4,000 deaths. The Pasteur Institute of Algeria announced last Sunday on its Facebook page that the Delta variant represents 71 percent of COVID-19 cases and could reach 90 percent in the coming weeks. Only two weeks into my role in Lebanon, I greatly look forward to meeting the many inspirational people in the country who are committed to doing all they can to make Lebanon secure, stable and prosperous. Indeed, the Lebanese people remain the country’s greatest asset and the reason why – in the long run – I remain an optimist, despite the difficulties of the moment. But the system is gravely failing the people, and the next generation. And the collateral damage to education provision from the political impasse and failure to tackle Lebanon’s big challenges is serious and substantial. Through our programmes and political advocacy, and with international and Lebanese partners, the UK is proud to help to provide children here with education opportunities and crucial life skills. We have invested in financial and technical assistance to strengthen the public education system and to improve teaching and learning standards, including inclusive education and distance learning. British Council partnerships have digitally connected Lebanese and British schools, and its free access Digital Library offers something for everyone. Any parent in Lebanon today will appreciate the practical challenges of remote education. Online learning is compromised by a weak digital infrastructure and limited access to technology. These remain a significant barrier for many across Lebanon; those already vulnerable are likely to be worst affected. And whether it be in the world of technology, education, entrepreneurship, law, economy, civil society and more, Lebanon simply cannot afford to lose a future generation. The UK has been a strong supporter of education in Lebanon, as we have globally. This week in London we are hosting, jointly with Kenya, a Global Education Summit to emphasise the importance of the education agenda, and especially education for girls. Indeed, for any country aspiring to improve their society all the evidence suggests that girls’ education is one of the smartest investments we can make to lift people out of poverty, grow economies, save lives, and build back better from Covid-19. The international community felt a lack of political responsibility to break the deadlock, especially considering the state of emergency Lebanon is in. CSOs called for a public debate and inclusive policy dialogue with the Government and committed to present concrete proposals to ministers at the 3RF table. Rizk was standing on a balcony overlooking the port, filming plumes of smoke rising from a warehouse, when the hundreds of tons of ammonium nitrate fertilizer stocked inside it exploded in front of him. The blast left him with more than 350 stitches and permanently impaired his vision. He can barely see at night now, making his world even darker in a country blighted by endless cuts. “The trauma, it rips you up inside,” said Rizk, who is now planning to emigrate to Canada. “It’s like internal crying.”Sitting in his clinic nearby, Rony Mecattaf said he is adjusting to the permanent loss of vision in his right eye after three surgeries and several meetings with specialists in Europe over the past 12 months. To compensate for blind spots, the 59-year-old psychotherapist always sits on the corner of the table and walks on the left side of the street. He laughs along when his friends jokingly call him the “one-eyed man.”Mecattaf said the past year has felt like a “shedding of illusions.””It’s been an incredible illusion this country, this capacity that we always prided ourselves on, on being able to have fun… to live the life,” Mecattaf said.

Lebanon’s newly appointed prime minister said he has the international backing and business experience to stop the country’s descent toward an economic and social implosion that would reverberate across the Middle East. “I have the needed international support from the EU, and particularly from France, Najib Mikati, a billionaire businessman and two-time former premier who was appointed this week, said in a phone interview. “And I’m confident the US will be open to support as well, he said, beyond the assistance Washington already gives to Lebanon’s army.” I can’t put out the fire, Mikati said Wednesday, promising to lead from the front. “But I can stop it from spreading, and that’s what I intend to do and hope to do in the first 100 days in office,” he added. France’s President Emmanuel Macron has spearheaded international efforts to shore up Lebanon, a former French colony, amid its worst ever financial crisis. Donors have pledged a war chest worth billions of dollars on the understanding Beirut embarks on critical economic reforms and tackles endemic corruption. Mikati has met with the president twice since his appointment to discuss a proposed cabinet, after two predecessor premier-designates failed to install an administration. Lebanon has been run by a caretaker government since a massive explosion ripped through the port of Beirut in August last year, killing more than 200 people and damaging swaths of the capital. The pick for the post of finance minister will have to be able to communicate with the International Monetary Fund over stalled talks on a $10 billion bailout, as well as prospective partners overseas, he said, while also dealing with the crisis-hit central bank. But Mikati signaled he’d play a major role in financial decision-making. “I come from the world of business and finance, and I will have a say in all finance-related decisions because in this kind of crisis, you need a decision-maker,” he said. After overseas remittances dried up, Lebanon defaulted on $30 billion in Eurobonds over a year ago to save what was left of its dwindling hard currency reserves. A collapse in the value of the pound has decimated the savings of millions of Lebanese, while shortages of fuel add to the misery. “The default decision hurt the country and the banks who have their money in Eurobonds, treasury bills and deposits at the central bank,” he said. The country is also host to more than 1 million refugees from Syria’s war. The situation in Lebanon is worsening by the day through deepening political, economic, financial and social crises. More than half the population now lives below the national poverty line, unemployment is on the rise and an increasing share of households has difficulty accessing basic services like food and healthcare. A government should be formed without delay to implement the necessary reforms. Only then can the assistance offered by the international community, including under the 3RF, make a difference for people. Not taking this responsibility would deepen the crises and would have serious social and security implications. A Palestinian man was killed late Tuesday in Israeli gunfire in the occupied West Bank, the scene of clashes between protesters and Israeli forces for weeks, Palestinian officials said. Shadi Omar Lotfi Salim, 41, was shot dead near the flashpoint Palestinian village of Beita, the Palestinian health ministry said. Beita deputy mayor Mussa Hamayel told AFP that Israeli soldiers killed the man as entered the village on his return from work. “He was killed in cold blood,” the deputy mayor alleged, adding that there had been no protests in the area Tuesday night. The Israeli army issued a statement saying that while on routine duty soldiers “spotted a Palestinian suspect in the area,” south of Nablus. “When the Palestinian began advancing rapidly towards the troop with a suspicious object identified as an iron bar in his hand, the troop operated to stop the suspect following the standard procedures, including by firing warning shots into the air,” the Israeli army said in a statement. “When the suspect continued advancing, the commander of the troop fired towards the suspect. The incident will be investigated,” it said . Beita has been the scene of frequent unrest since May, when dozens of Israeli families arrived and began building the wildcat settlement of Eviatar on a hilltop near Nablus in defiance of Israeli and international law. After weeks of clashes and tensions, the government of nationalist Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett struck a deal with the settlers that saw them leave the Eviatar outpost. The settlers left behind the rudimentary homes they built until the Israeli defense ministry determines whether the land can be considered state territory. The Israeli military is maintaining a presence in Eviatar until the decision is made.

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What is deserving of the term “suspicious” is that, days after the church reported the first failed arson attempt to police—which should have led to better awareness and security for the church—another successful arson attempt took place. Here in Lebanon, despite the heroic efforts and commitment of the country’s many teaching and education professionals, the crises that have hit here – including the political and economic turmoil, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the Beirut Port explosion – have all badly affected the education sector. At least 1.2 million children across Lebanon have had their education disrupted for more than a year, with many having not attended school since October 2019. And CG encourages further coordination with CSOs to update data and avoid duplication. CSOs requested to work with the 3RF Technical Team and Central Inspection to transform IMPACT as a platform to be more inclusive for citizens and CSOs with oversight by international partners, also to protect beneficiary data. CSOs will engage with Government and international partners on the eight reforms mentioned above, as well as on an urban strategy for reconstruction and support for the disabled and elderly, in addition to their other activities under the 3RF. CSOs also requested more frequent updates from the Technical Team. CSOs will present their experience of inclusivity in the 3RF at the next CG. The CG was also updated on the formation of the Independent Oversight Body, which has been operational since June 2021, and which its members were present at the CG with observer status. The CG praised Lebanese civil society for their work on the ground and for their engagement with the 3RF, now representing 100 CSOs and businesses. CSOs emphasized that coordination structures and data collection is often too complex for CSOs to constructively take part. The 3RF Consultative Group consists of the Government of Lebanon, Lebanese civil society, the European Union, United Nations, the World Bank and international donors. Together they monitor progress and give strategic direction to the reforms and activities under the 3RF. Given the context of rapidly worsening socio-economic situation in Lebanon, Consultative Group members focused on next steps. The Lebanese Army barracks in Marjaayoun and other regions were consequently falling, the soldiers were fleeing to more secure places, and those who tried to reach the Ministry of Defense in Yarzé were sent back to the south; people were starving or dying from ill-treatment and serious wounds. When the Syrians completed the takeover of the country in 1990, the SLA remained loyal to the pledge of defending their country, even after their own government that was under Syrian control branded them as the enemy. An Officer of the South Lebanese Army reported to the media that between 1978 and 2000, 621 SLA soldiers and 200 southern civilians were killed and assassinated – a total of 821 fatalities – while 230 soldiers and 80 civilians, a combined figure of 310, were maimed. It was later confirmed that between the first attack and 2000, the overall number of victims was indeed 1630 persons. A good natured man with a big heart always there when people sought him out. Contact us for information on our services, to plan a funeral event or to find bereavement support. While going through a difficult time, where I was forced to sell my house due to a divorce, Chris was able to help me get resituated into a terrific brand-new house. I was under a time restriction, and Chris handled to discover me the perfect house, in a nice family-oriented community. She is always offered no matter what time of day and constantly keeps you in the loop. Anna has been absolutely nothing however valuable during the house purchasing process. As a very first time home purchaser, I felt included in every aspect which made me feel extremely comfortable. We are a team of experienced realtors who are committed to helping our clients find their perfect home. We understand that buying a home is a major financial decision, and we will work diligently to help you find the property that best meets your needs. We have a strong knowledge of the local market, and we will use our expertise to negotiate the best possible price on your behalf.

The agreement was rejected by the mayor of Beita, who said last Thursday that “clashes and protests will continue” as long as any Israeli “remains on our land”. All Jewish settlements in the West Bank are regarded as illegal by most of the international community. The Treasury Department also said it would sanction two Syrian “armed” groups. One of the groups, Ahrar al-Sharqiya, is widely seen as an offshoot of ISIS. “Ahrar al-Sharqiya has committed numerous crimes against civilians, particularly Syrian Kurds, including unlawful killings, abductions, torture, and seizures of private property,” Gacki said. Saraya al-Areen, a militia affiliated with the Syrian Arab Army, was sanctioned by the State Department. A Turkey-based al-Qaeda financial facilitator and Syria-based terrorist fundraiser and recruiter were also sanctioned. “These designations expose the continued efforts by al-Qaeda and Hay’et Tahrir Al-Sham to use the global formal financial system and highlight the need for continued vigilance against terrorist fundraising and recruitment on the internet,” the Treasury Department said in a statement. The United States on Tuesday called on Lebanon’s prime minister-designate Najib Mikati to move quickly to form a government to address the country’s long crisis. “The US renews its calls to quickly form a government that’s empowered and a government that’s also committed to implementing critical reforms,” State Department deputy spokeswoman Jalina Porter told reporters. “There was unanimous agreement from all blocs and lawmakers on the need to speed up the process of cabinet formation,” he said after consultations ended. The Jordanian security apparatuses have foiled an ISIS plot to kill Israeli forces stationed at the border with the Palestinian Territories, precisely in the Ghor es-Safi area, south of the capital Amman, a local newspaper revealed Tuesday. Four ISIS members were arrested for being in connection with the planned attack. The suspects intended to first attack Jordanian soldiers near the border with Israel before reaching Israeli troops and killing them. The Jordanian newspaper Al-Rai reported Tuesday that Jordanian prosecutors issued an indicted against the the four ISIS members, charging them of conspiring to commit an act of terror and propagating the ideology of a terror organization. Three members of the cell were arrested in February, while the fourth was apprehended at the end of 2020. The newspaper said that while preparing for the attack, the four members held several meetings in the Jordanian city of Karak, south of Amman, and near the border with the occupied Palestinian territories, and in the city of Irbid, located north of the capital. According to the indictment, the four suspects had supported and spread ISIS ideologies on social media. Ghor es-Safi is located between the governorates of Karak and Tafilah, near the southern Dead Sea. Bringing Mikati back to power will certainly impede the search for justice – a process which thus far has proved to be frustrating and unproductive. Firefighters and civil defense authorities are working to put out a massive fire in northern Lebanon’s Qoubaiyat, the Lebanese News Agency reported on Wednesday, with social media videos showing flames approaching homes in the Akkar area. “Directives were given to all civil defense centers in Akkar to go to Qoubaiyat to help put out the fire. Work is underway to secure water tanks for supply,” the NNA reported. The Lebanese Red Cross said its teams were transporting patients from the site of the fire to nearby hospitals and evacuating families and the elderly. Lebanon’s President Michel Aoun followed up on the development of the fires that broke out in Akkar district, especially Qoubaiyat and Beino villages, and asked the Army Command and Civil Defense to make all efforts to put the fires out and prevent them from spreading to homes and to help the people. The President gave directions to seek the assistance of Cyprus to contribute to extinguishing the fires in the event of any further widespread. Lebanon’s National Agency said the army has managed to evacuate a number of citizens who had been trapped in their cars by the fire on Qoubaiyat’s main highway. Lebanese parliament member Wehbe Qatisha said that it seems that the fire has expanded to the nearby Andket forests. “I call on the security forces and the Civil Defense to go to the historical forests to save them from the fire as soon as possible,” he added.


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Lebanon’s National Agency announced and mourned the death of one of the volunteers who was trying to extinguish the fires in Kaftoun village in northern Lebanon. In the charge sheet, seen by AFP, prosecutor Kristina Lindhoff Carleson noted that these actions constituted a violation of the Geneva Conventions. “These acts are classified as murder according to the Swedish Penal Code since they are not considered to be related to an armed conflict,” the authority said. In May, a group of more than 150 rights campaigners, including Nobel laureates, former heads of state or government and former UN officials, called for an international investigation into the 1988 killings. The case remains sensitive in Iran as activists accuse officials now in government of being involved. The United States has announced new sanctions targeting the Assad regime for human rights violations, Biden administration officials announced Wednesday. Wednesday’s move comes after several regional and international capitals appeared to be inching towards normalizing ties with the Syrian president and his government. “Today the Treasury Department is taking action against the Assad regime and its human rights abuses, including torture in Syrian military prisons,” Director of the Office of Foreign Assets Control Andrea Gacki said. Iraqi armed factions loyal to Iran, alongside a handful of political allies, have decided to withdraw confidence from Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi’s government by delaying upcoming elections indefinitely, local sources reported. The meeting between US President Joe Biden and Kadhimi on Monday failed to satisfy pro-Iran armed factions because they are determined to escalate matters with Washington and undermine US interests in Iraq. Kadhimi’s White House talks sealed a deal for ending US combat missions in Iraq by the end of 2021 without any indication of concluding US presence in the country. Ending US presence in Iraq is a core demand of the armed factions under constant pressure from Tehran, their crucial supporter. In a televised interview, Akram al-Kaabi, the founder and secretary-general of Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba in Iraq, reaffirmed that his forces would continue to attack US troops in the country regardless of whether they are training or carrying out combat missions. “All truce agreements with the government and the US are now under revision,” a political chief in one of the armed factions, who requested anonymity, told Asharq Al-Awsat. “We do not know if the current polling date is independent of the upcoming changes,” they added. It goes without saying that the goal of ending Kadhimi’s mandate and the move to postpone elections may be contradictory. Still, current changes, added to the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, have forced the factions to seek ousting the prime minister through manipulating election dates. “The leaders of these factions began urgent understandings with allied political actors, both Sunnis, and Shiites, to agree on mechanisms to withdraw confidence from Kadhimi,” sources told Asharq Al-Awsat. “Taking confidence away from Kadhimi depends on embarrassing him by postponing elections,” revealed a senior party official. “They want him weak to strike the final blow,” the official added. Coincidently, Mikati wishes to repeat his first stint as a premier when in 2005, after the resignation of PM Omar Karami, he was tasked to form an independent cabinet which supervised the elections and to contain the repercussions of the assassination of former PM Rafik Hariri. In 2005, however, Lebanon was still not fully occupied by Iran’s proxy Hezbollah and, more importantly, many of the Arabian Gulf states still looked at Lebanon as a country worth salvaging, something which is very hard to argue at this stage. The renaming of Mikati to form a government is itself enough proof that the Lebanese political establishment are blind to the repercussions of not passing key structural reforms and, more importantly, reclaim its sovereignty from Hezbollah’s overindulgence in Iran’s regional expansionist project. Perhaps more importantly, Mikati is well known to appease Hezbollah, which will further alienate the international community and Gulf states, whose financial largesse is needed if Lebanon wishes to decelerate its downfall. Hezbollah would be happy to accept a cabinet headed by Mikati as cover for its continued siphoning of goods, subsidized products and gasoline into Syria. Yet Hezbollah are in no rush to offer any serious concessions which might be perceived by the West as a sign of weakness. Equally, Hezbollah will continue to allow Bassil and Aoun to play their game of demanding the unfeasible as it simply reinforces the claims that Lebanon’s problems are not rooted in Hezbollah’s violence, but rather in the archaic political sectarian system. At this stage, Mikati will enter into a new round of horse-trading with different political parties, trying to win over more seats to their advantage. The ultimate outcome will not change given the present circumstances, however, as Lebanon is a rogue state, and its political elite have failed both morally and politically to run the country. Bringing back Mikati or any other political insider to the forefront and branding them as a saviors is nothing short of a farce, one which Lebanon needs to avoid at all costs if it is climb out of its pit of despair. Mikati who has formed two cabinets in the past, might not necessarily form his third cabinet, as his naming as prime minister designee does not mean he will succeed where others failed. Mikati, a billionaire who has been accused of making his $2.6 billion fortune in a number of illicit ways, is no different from Saad Hariri or the other rich Sunni politicians who aspire to enter the not-so-prestigious club of premier. His naming, however, can possibly yield a new cabinet, as President Aoun and his son-in-law Gebran Bassil have made it clear that they have a personal feud with Saad Hariri and are willing to work with anyone else towards forming the next cabinet.

“All of that got shattered.” What remains is the reality of collective trauma and the lack of space to heal as the country slides deeper into chaos. “This surviving process doesn’t allow for a real and healthy time to process.” Around 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate stored in Beirut’s port caused a blast that devastated the city on August 4, 2020. The explosion also killed more than 200 people and caused millions of dollars’ worth of damage. The Army Command tweeted on Wednesday that Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi received Army Commander General Joseph Aoun and praised the role of the Lebanese Army “at this delicate stage.”Al-Sissi stressed on the army’s efforts “to provide security and stability” for Lebanon. Aoun, from his side, thanked al-Sisi for “Egypt’s continuous support for Lebanon and the Lebanese army.” DescriptionFinding a new housing or business premises might be hard, particularly if you wish to get a worthy unit in a prime location. Luckily, you can find real estate services to do the grunt work for you. Rony Rizk- Realtor will help you to find the best option of premises in Ottawa. The legal component is spearheaded by the once-venerable Southern Poverty Law Center, and the academics take their cues from Georgetown University’s Bridge Initiative . The true Islamophobia Industry is not a cottage industry but a massive one consisting of thousands of people who make their living by promulgating fear of “Islamophobia” and defending its alleged victims. While stifling discussion of Islamism, they keep themselves on the receiving end of grants, donations from wealthy Muslim patrons, and lifetime tenured employment. Has an entire industry supporting her — one that has evolved to discover, and in many cases fabricate, offenses against Muslims and Islam. It consists mostly of lawyers who specialize in cases of alleged anti-Muslim discrimination and academics who write books and form programs and initiatives to publicize “Islamophobia.” Tunisian President Kais Saied said on Wednesday that the number of those who looted the country’s money reached 460, accounting to 13.5 billion dinars ($4.8bln), adding that he had a list of the names of those who stole the looted money. Saied affirmed that the exceptional measures he has taken are required by duty. For the latest headlines, follow our Google News channel online or via the app. He also accused deputies of hiding behind parliamentary immunity, stressing that the looted funds must be returned to the Tunisian people. In addition, Saeed confirmed that whoever tries to destroy the documents will bear the responsibility before the judiciary, announcing the preparation of a legal text for a judicial settlement to return the looted funds. He called for penal reconciliation, pointing out that there is no intention to abuse anyone or harm businessmen. “The main hope of a nation”, said the Dutch scholar Erasmus, “lies in the proper education of its youth”. The country’s best times have been founded on a strong investment in its education sector – creating Lebanese thinkers, entrepreneurs, and professionals who were able not just to shape their nation positively but whose ambitions spread into the region and indeed beyond. Sadly, one of the greatest risks to Lebanon now, as it deals with one of the most challenging periods in its history, is what is happening to the education of its children. Prime Minister-designate Najib Miqati on Wednesday held talks with President Michel Aoun at the presidential palace in Baabda. “I submitted to President Aoun my suggestions regarding the cabinet line-up and I sensed acceptance from his side,” Miqati said after the meeting. “I took his remarks into consideration and I hope we will see a government soon,” the PM-designate added. Miqati had also met with Aoun on Tuesday to brief him on the outcome of his nonbinding consultations with the parliamentary blocs regarding the new government. He had pledged earlier on Tuesday to hold continuous meetings with the president in order to speed up the formation of the new government. They burned down and razed to the ground houses, churches, schools, the only two available hospitals, and entire villages, to occupy the remaining (8%) of Lebanese territory that was still free in 2000 from the Syrian/Palestinian/Iranian occupation. The goal was to undermine the state of lull between Lebanon and Israel , forcing Lebanon to remain until this day the only active war front against Israel under their unique control – from Fatahland to Hezbollahland. The content displayed on Firmania consists of information from third parties, among others from publicly accessible sources, or from customers, who have a presentation page in the Cylex Business Directory. Cylex cannot be held responsible or liable for the accuracy, correctness, usefulness or reliability of the data. The brand names, logos, images and texts are the property of these third parties and their respective owners. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this matter, you are welcome to contact our customer support team. The content displayed on FindOpen consists of information from third parties, among others from publicly accessible sources, or from customers, who have a presentation page in the Cylex Business Directory. The real industry is the network of academics, lawyers, activists, and funders who libel and slander critics of Islamism, even those who cautiously stipulate between Islam and Islamism. It is filled with the same people who have been warning since 9/11 of an always-imminent anti-Muslim “backlash” that never comes. In a book titled The Islamophobia Industry , Nathan Lean claimed that there is a massive, global anti-Islamic movement.

Dr. Nawar Rony

However, if one is to indulge in this logic, why would Mikati succeed where Hariri has failed. The same obstacles which led to Saad Hariri failing are still present, as Aoun and Bassil are still commanding the blocking third in the cabinet. Furthermore, Bassil remains unwavering in his demand for his faction controlling the ministry of the interior, which will supervise the upcoming parliamentary elections slated in Spring of 2022. If Aoun has a personal problem with Hariri, he will face a tougher opponent with Mikati whose experience has showed is unwilling to commit political suicide by forming a government similar to the one the current PM Hassan Diab heads. Prime Minister-designate Najib Miqati has been named as part of a “domestic-international settlement” in order to form a “salvation government,” a senior source from the Hizbullah-Amal alliance has said. “The government will consist of 24 ministers and it will be a techno-political government,” the source told al-Liwaa newspaper in remarks published Wednesday. “The PM-designate and ex-MP Walid Jumblat will get eight ministers, the Baabda camp will be allocated eight ministers and the Shiite duo and their Marada and Syrian Social Nationalist Party allies will be allotted eight ministers,” the source said. The source added that 18 of the ministers will be technocrats and the remaining six will be “political ministers.”The government will comprise ministers “who represent the civil society and enjoy international approval,” the source went on to say. Then came the COVID-19 pandemic which worsened the country’s crisis. Tunisia’s GDP contracted by 8.6 percent in 2020 alone, according to the World Bank. The country’s coronavirus-related deaths kept increasing, eventually climbing to almost 18,000 – one of the biggest death rates per capita, with only 7 percent of its 11.7 million population vaccinated against the virus. The country was experiencing mass protests spurred by the government’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. Last week, COVID-19 deaths reached a record, passing 300 in a period of 24 hours, the BBC reported on Tuesday. In a move to speed up COVID-19 vaccinations, the government officially opened up vaccinations to everyone aged 18 and over. The announcement was met with stampedes and violent incidents, leading to the eventual sacking of the health minister, initiated by then-Prime Minister Hichem Mechichi. Protests broke out on July 25, Tunisia’s Republic Day, when protestors stormed the offices of the Islamist Ennahda party, and calling for Mechichi to quit and parliament to be dissolved. When President Saied announced that he would be suspending Tunisia’s parliament and dismissing Mechichi, people took the streets in celebration. Refurbished health facilities and emergency medical equipment benefitted some 200,000. A year after the cataclysmic Beirut port blast, Shady Rizk’s doctors are still plucking glass from his body. The latest extraction was a centimeter-long sliver above his knee pit. “Almost every month, I find a new piece… the glass is still stuck in my thighs, my legs, and I guess, in my arms,” said Rizk, a 36-year-old network engineer who was sprayed with shards during the explosion. “The doctors said there will continue to be glass in my body for several years,” he said. The August 4 blast that thundered through the city levelled entire neighborhoods, killed more than 200 people, wounded 6,500 others and pummeled the lives of survivors. “The explosion still lives inside of me,” Rizk said, speaking to AFP from under the office building where he was when the blast went off. Lebanon can no longer provide electricity to its citizens for more than a handful of hours each day, nor can it afford to buy the fuel needed to power generators. Almost none of the international community’s demands for a broad program of reforms have so far been met. Further stalling the bankrupt state’s recapitalization has been the government’s failure to engage the International Monetary Fund and discuss a fully-fledged rescue plan. Until then, the monetary institution is due to send around $900 million, but experts warn it will not be enough and risks being misused. Algerian authorities said they have lifted a five-day mandatory quarantine imposed on arriving travelers despite a spike in daily COVID-19 infections, AFP reported. “Upon the instructions of President Abdelmadjid Tebboune, travelers are exempted from a five-day quarantine,” said Prime Minister Ayman Benabderrahmane in a note addressed to the government. The note dated July 25 stipulates that travelers present a negative PCR test issued in less than 36 hours and undergo a rapid test on arrival. The North African country reopened air borders on June 1, but it required that passengers arriving in Algeria quarantine for five days at a government-selected hotel, and the quarantine would be extended to 10 days for those who test positive for COVID-19 at the end of the first five days. The measures had angered Algerian expatriates, who were requested to pay for the hotel expenses. Comments posted by travelers on their social media accounts also revealed criticism on the bad conditions in some hotels, which Algerian authorities had chosen for them. The Health Ministry announced on Tuesday a surge in daily infections with 1,544 new coronavirus cases, 728 recoveries and 25 deaths over the last 24 hours. Also, the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Waqf announced in a statement a series of measures related to the partial lockdown decided in 35 provinces of the country, consisting mainly in the suspension of collective prayers in mosques.